Institutional sales

Unicure India Limited is a prominent organization and very well known amongst lakhs of employees of the railways, police force, armed forces and paramilitary organizations. The company is a reliable supplier for various government bodies like Armed forces, government hospitals, canteens, stores department, etc. The product basket for India market includes multivitamins, antibiotics, cough syrups, antidiabetics , antihypertensive, ORS and ointments etc. The Institutional division of Unicure caters to almost all the major government, semi-government and public sector undertakings in India. It is through this division that Unicure makes its medicines available to even the remotest areas and army forward posts in Jammu and Kashmir and in the North- east. This division of Unicure makes possible the government’s objectives of making the best quality medicines available to the common man at affordable prices. Unicure’s adept team makes dedicated and untiring efforts in this direction to make these medicines available in almost every hospital in every corner of India.